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shure beta 98 hc review

shure beta 98 hc review

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shure beta 98 hc review
Shure Beta 98H C Review [Is this the Best Microphone for , Shure BETA 98H/C Clip-On Mic Review, Beta 98H/C - Miniature Instrument Microphone - Shure Americas, User reviews: Shure Beta 98H/C - Audiofanzine, Shure WB98 H/C – Thomann UK, Shure Beta 98 AD/C – Thomann UK, Miniature Instrument Microphone, shure beta 98 | eBay, WB98H/C Instrument Microphone | Shure Americas.
Published on 28 Jan 2017Find the Clip-on Mic @ Amazon - Read my review - Handy H4N @ Amazon - These affiliate links help support me and my channel! Thank you!My Review: Shure BETA 98H/CIf you want a simple saxophone microphone that clips on and works without scratching your horn, then definitely try out the Shure BETA 98H/C Clip-On Mic!This is a Cardioid Condenser Microphone for Saxophone, Clarinet and Brass instruments that has an Integrated Shock Mount and Attached Preamplifier which makes it great for studio work.In fact, I wouldn’t be recommending this microphone if I didn’t use it every time I record lessons at KB Sax Lessons.You can center this microphone right over the bell of the horn so that you get the most out of your sound. Pivoting back and forth while bending into place, you can face it towards the perfect spot.The beauty of this microphone is that it allows you to cut out any other background noise so that your studio does not have to be completely silent. I have used this microphone to record outdoors and it sounded great!Best qualities of this microphone -Doesn’t scratch my horn -Has plenty of cord (10ft) -Great quality for recording in the studio -Easily adjusts to the center of your soundThis sax mic has worked just fine for me. I doubt I will be looking for a replacement saxophone microphone anytime soon.What others are saying "PROs: – Lightweight, adjustable mic for my trumpet – Clip seems strong, and the gooseneck adjuster allows me to perfectly curve the mic into my bell – Nice pickup – Clip on the XLR connector allows me to easily clip to my belt CONs: – Wire connecting XLR to mic seems a little…flimsy. Only time will tell how long it holds up. – Cable is actually quite long. Long enough that I accidentally stepped on it from time to time. With a flimsy cable, I’ll have to be very careful.” – Slaxx “I’ve been using this mic on alto and tenor for the past year and it has worked well. It’s a good quality mic that’s not super expensive. Sound man likes it too. Requires phantom power which is available on most any mixer.” - Lewis “Going with Shure, I knew I was picking a good brand that’s been in the space for years. Thanks to Amazon’s quick shipping Prime program, I got to try this thing out very quickly (it actually arrived the night of my gig). There is no setup, just plug and play. The thing sounds great, picking up a lot more of my sound than my old clip-on mic." - Joseph R. “This mic has literally given purpose to my saxophone playing. Before I purchased this mic if I were to play un-mic’d or use the usual small house mic (that was really made for drums) it was as though I wasn’t playing at all because no one in the audience could hear me. Now that I use this mic I come through loud and clear. In fact, a lot of times I have to be turned down because I’m drowning out vocals or the lead guitar. The cord between the pre-amp and the mic itself is rather thin, but I’ve taken care not to step on or tug at it and so far I have had no problems out of this microphone after over a year of use. On the cord is a small piece of velcro, so I usually have enough of the cord out to run from the bell of my sax to my back pocket where I clip the pre-amp on and the rest of the cord remains velcro’d together nice and neat so as to stay out of the way. The arm on the mic is very flexible, but it will also hold its’ position exactly where it has been positioned. Lastly, I’ve noticed no feedback issues whatsoever out of this mic. I don’t know what else to say about it, except that I’ve even talked with professionals who use this same mic for their performances, Don Black being one of them” – Steve . Shure Beta 98H C Review. The Shure Beta 98H/C is an excellent mic for live performances. There is no setup; just plug and play. The mic easily clips to the bell of the trumpet, sax, bandoneon or any instrument that has a flat surface bell to clip to.. My Review: Shure BETA 98H/C If you want a simple saxophone microphone that clips on and works without scratching your horn, then definitely try out the Shure BETA 98H/C Clip-On Mic!.
The Beta 98 H/C and WB98 H/C feature transformerless preamplifier circuitry which improves linearity across the full frequency range. The pickup pattern provides high gain-before-feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise.. Shure Beta 98H / C used only on Tenor Saxophone. Taking stage and studio Very good head - Cardioid - low bp Larsen Requires 48V phantom power. Shure WB98 H/C 31 ratings Miniature Instrument MicrophoneThe Shure Beta 98H / C (also known as WB98H / C for use with wireless systems) is a high-quality, permanently polarised condensation microphone with a cardioid polar pattern that is attached either to the bell of wind instruments or to the tensioning ring of drums or percussion instruments.. To be fair, hard choice between the 98 and 98a. The older one is good too, better character, more noise too, so I went for this one after all. Very happy, best for percussion I've come across. It's a micro condenser. Miniature instrument microphone delivers high gain-before-feedback and rejection of unwanted noise. It features preamplifier circuitry to improve linearity across the full frequency range, and tailored response for natural sound reproduction.. Find great deals on eBay for shure beta 98 and shure beta 91. Shop with confidence..
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