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Focus T25 Beta Phase - teamRIPPED, Focus T25: Beta RIP'T CIRCUIT Review! | Dumbbells and Diapers, 6. Week of T25 Challenge (Beta Cycle Review) – I Lose Baby , PARROT REVIEW: FOCUS T25 with Shaun T – BETA, Focus T25 Workout Schedule and Calendar Workout, The Focus T25 Review - Must-Read Review of Focus T25, T25 Beta Upper Focus--Nothing Like Insanity, T25 Beta : Day 4 & 5 : Dynamic Core & Upper Focus, Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Home Fitness DVD Workout Programme .
Today I did Focus T25: Beta Rip’t Circuit for the first time!  It would be considered day: 38 by the calendar (but I am doing it as part of my own Body Beast/T25 ).So here we go!Length: 25 minutes unless you count the Shakeology commercial, Shaun T weight lifting intro at the beginning and cool down at the end then it is really 30 minutes.    Equipment needed: Dumbbells or Resistance Bands + miniMAT (optional)When I first saw that dumbbells were involved I said something like ‘oooooh, heeey’.  Then, I saw that aqua/green was the color theme (aside from Shaun in purple) and felt like I should change clothes and find some neon shoe strings.Tonia, like always, is the modifier so follow her for low impact movements.  Shaun T prefaces the workout:'We’re workin’ on our cardio, upper body, lower body, and abs.’I thought to myself - alright, I got this.Warm-up:Slow control jogSquat push-upPalm-down squat thrust - 'you work through the floor’.Alternating straight leg kickSpeed + Agility I was realizing by this point that this workout may not be as insane as the other ones because it was a slower pace.  Although, I had a feeling he was about to work larger muscles which raises my HR pretty high.19:57 minute marker:Reciprocating bicep curl - (Marlena has 5 pound dumbbells, Scott has 12 pound and the Andy uses the resistance band).  I used 12 throughout this workout.Deep lunge pulse (L)Deep lunge pulse ®Alternating straight leg lift - 'If you can’t reach your toe you need to do that stretch video’.  It is nice to know I can reach my toe.Alternating speed knee fast - time to get your HR back up!15:58 minute marker:Arnold pressWeighted squat pulseDual heel tapHigh switch kick 12:00 minute marker:Single leg (L) lawnmowerSingle leg ® lawnmower - “Keep the fight, keep it ripped’.Air plank + one leg burpee - 'your body is a board’.  Blerg, burpees.Hip-up "V” hold - while this is supposed to be an ab workouts it looks like a tricep workout too.  ;)High jump + twisting abs - HR raiser!Single leg ® tricep pressSingle leg (L) tricep press7:09 minute marker:Deadlift + curl squat - since I did Bulk: Back right before this, my back was tiiiiiiiired.Knee in + out tap downHalf-tuck jump - Shaun T wants you to 'nail this workout’.  Basically, I was jumping and slapping my thighs.  No, I wasn’t really jumping.  I was slapping my thighs.4-count wide push-up - I fell to my knees after one or two.3:05 minute marker:Weighted moving squat - this lasted a few seconds longer than I would have liked.  HA!4-count dual leg lift5-count power abs (c-sit, butterfly one leg in, switch legs, reverse crunch, “v” sit)  WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!Then, YES, this finally happens!TIME!Cool down/Actve stretching (3:15 minutes):Inhale/Exhale - hands interlockedQuad stretchesHands interlocked overhead side stretchFlat back - fingertips to floor - palms to floor - roll up slowlyFinal Thoughts:The two in the back are from Asylum, I am pretty dang sure.  Marlena screams oftentimes.  Scott and Tonia are in this video - like the rest of them.  :)When I previewed this workout I was thinking, 'man those are some light dumbbells they are using’.  While I was doing the workout, I realized how slow and controlled the moves are - thus, the reason for lighter weights!There is no 'burnout’ in this workout but you work your legs, arms, and core pretty good!  I make sure that I make the best of each move and tighten my muscles whenever I can (i.e.: abs).By the time I stopped my FR, I had burned over 400 calories (my HR was high at the end of this workout). As reported in a previous review, Focus T25 has some quick footwork and I am ripping up the carpet in my basement/workout room!  I had to cut the little threads that were sticking out.  The hubby asked if we are going to have to re-carpet the basement.  I said - 'maybe, but I am going to pull it out one strand at a time first’. Beforehand, I did which was probably not THE BEST idea but I am testing my hybrid calendar this week. I lift heavy so my back had just been put through the ringer (including the back of my abs).Here is one of my favorite photos from the shoot for this review:Now that I have done this workout, I consider it an all-over total body workout.  It burns a good amount of calories because of the lunging, weight lifting, and quick bursts of cardio.  However, you do not sweat-dance yourself into a land of 'what just happened’?!. T25: Beta Phase. Like the Alpha Phase, all of the T25 Beta Phase workouts are only 25 minutes. There are still short cool downs after the workout that can add 2-3 more minutes. Unlike the Alpha Phase, the Beta Phase introduces a few piece of gear (a couple dumbbells or resistance bands). Just like Alpha, each move is shown with a modified option.. Focus T25: Beta RIP’T CIRCUIT Review! Today I did Focus T25: Beta Rip’t Circuit for the first time! It would be considered day: 38 by the calendar (but I am doing it as part of my own Body Beast/T25 hybrid )..
Here is a report from the 6th week of T25 challenge showing how I lose baby weight. In case you are new here on the I Lose Baby Weight blog and have no idea what is T25 workout you might find helpful my T25 review. Day 36: Transition to T25 Beta Cycle – Core Cardio [10/27/2014] It is here, the day I was afraid of.. The long anticipated Part 2 of 2 has arrived. PART 1 covered the Alpha Phase, but now it’s time to crank it up a notch, turn it up to 11, or let our balls drop…I’m really not sure if I’m saying that right but you get the point. Alpha worked on the foundation but BETA Phase is […]. Focus T25 Workout Calendar Month 2 (Beta) In month 2, you will be introduced to 4 new workouts. The new workouts will be harder than month 1, but your fitness level will be able to match the workout routines.. Bojan: You will get the 10 workouts from the calendars (alpha and beta phase) as well as a bonus one from phase beta. Also you will be given the Focus T25 nutrition guide and the Focus T25 calendar.. Focus T25 Beta Upper is perfect if you're a beginner. Find out why you may not be thrilled with it if you're more advanced.. Let's just say that Shaun T. has me feeling all kinds of sore the good sore. That feeling you get where you KNOW you are bound to see results. THAT sore. .
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